Submissions, Verification & Live Listings

Do you offer new submissions and claiming of existing listings?

Yes we can do both of these. New submissions are very straight forward. Claiming or editing of existing listings is more complicated and the approach depends on the directory in question. Some directories allow email verification for claiming listings while others require phone verification.  If we are unable to claim a listing then we will submit an ‘edit’ to the listing via other means provided.

What happens if you find my listing on a directory?

We always look to see if you have an existing listing before we submit to a directory. If we find a listing and the core information is correct then we will skip it and submit you to a different (‘Replacement’) directory. This means that you always get the same number of submissions you paid for.

How is each submission handled?

Our submissions are all done manually. We have a Citations team (20+ people) who handle all campaigns. We have a very tried & tested approach to submissions and deep knowledge of the directories and citation sites we use. These are the key steps we take for each campaign – – Identify appropriate citations for your business – Create unique campaign email account for verifications – Check to see if your business is already listed on a directory – Submit business details to directory – Click link in verification email to complete submission – Capture details in report & grab profile URL if listing is created instantly – Upload campaign report to your Local Citation Builders admin console – Provide customer with details of email account(s) & passwords used.

Do you distribute via data aggregators? (e.g. Localeze, InfoUSA, Market Locations)

No, we don’t. We know from experience that we can generate listings faster through direct-to-site submissions. This method requires more effort but we believe that it achieves better & faster results – so it’s worth it!

What information do you submit to directories?

We submit main business contact details, business address details, a description of services.

Do you guarantee that submissions will result in live listings?

We do not control the publishing policies of the directories we submit to so we can not guarantee listings. However we do prioritise directories which offer instant or fast listings and those which are high value sites. When we show you the list of appropriate directories for your business we put these sites at the top.

How many live listings should I expect to receive?

We expect 50-60% of submissions to result in live listings.

How do you verify new submissions/listings?

We create a unique email account for each citation campaign. We then create user accounts on each directory using these unique email accounts. Any verification emails are sent to these unique email addresses and we clicks on the verification links in the emails to complete the submissions.

Do you give customers the email addresses you use to create listings?

Yes we do. At the end of each campaign we add the email account details to the report which you can download at www.localcitationbuilders.net/download-reports.

How do you handle telephone verification?

We do not handle claiming on directories which require telephone verification. Telephone verification requires us to co-ordinate calls and passing of codes directly with business owners/clients. It really needs direct client contact to make it work smoothly and most of our SEO customers prefer for us to operate as an invisible partner in the background. Because of these reasons we have opted not to handle claiming on these directories.